Chilled Prep Showcase

From Original price was: €381.00.Current price is: €381.00.

Maximise worktop and cold prep areas.

  • Take 5 x GN1/4
  • Prep pizza, Starter, etc.
  • Stainless construction
  • Static cooling system
  • Pans not included
  • CFC free
  • Low running cost

Model: CTS1200

Price: €381
Dimensions (mm): W1200 x D335 x H260
Pans: 5
Temp Range: +2°C to +5°C

Model: CTS1400
Price: €424
Dimensions (mm): W1400 x D335 x H260
Pans: 6
Temp Range: +2°C to +5°C

Model: CTS1800
Price: €481.68
Dimensions (mm): W1800 x D335 x H260
Pans: 8
Temp Range: +2°C to +5°C